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Reviving the Economy Through Climate Prosperity

Marc A. Weiss / Oct 16 2008

For Release Sunday, October 19, 2008

Marc Weiss

Climate protection and economic growth are not enemies. Core strategies to create a vibrant economy — innovation, efficiency, strategic investment, and finding better ways to use and reuse resources — are exactly the same steps we need to cope with global climate change now. These actions will increase jobs, incomes, productivity, and competitiveness, and they’re green.

There are commentators who advocate postponing investments in renewable energy and clean technologies, suggesting this will somehow delay economic recovery. They’re dead wrong. In the 21st century, the only way for people and places to get richer is by thinking and acting for sustainability, specifically aiming to become “greener.”

How do we get this message out to the cities and regions of America? How do we encourage them to switch their economic growth, community development, infrastructure, education and workforce, land-use, transportation, housing, and environmental policies to look courageously forward? Read More »