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Welcome to — October 15

Welcome to the final edition of Citiwire in its current format. We’re re-inventing Citiwire as a part of Citiscope, an exciting new venture from Neal Peirce, Farley Peters, Curtis Johnson and others.

Why tinker? Two key factors: The end of the Peirce syndicated column, and the launch of Citiscope Global News. Citiscope will focus on notable innovations in cities around the world, with articles by local journalists. We hope you’ll visit Citiscope at The regular weekly stories will start in January. But starting this week, you’ll see there the first set of CitiSignals reports. CitiSignals includes brief, clear descriptions of city-related developments occurring worldwide, written by a skilled journalist, David Hatch, with links to full news sources if you’re interested in reading more.

As a Citiwire newsletter subscriber, the latest CitiSignals report will come to you weekly – and in January, the newsletter will add links to weekly Citiscope feature stories. As always, you may unsubscribe. But we surely hope you’ll stay with us.

And our sincere thanks for your readership and support of Citiwire these past five years.