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Welcome to — October 3

Welcome to I knew this day would someday come, but always hoped it would not arrive so soon. After next week columnist Neal Peirce is hanging up his spurs – as a syndicated columnist, that is. This week and next, you’ll learn about a new venture this indefatigable journalist is pursuing. To the outside world, a syndicated column may look like easy street, but as I writer I know better. Neal pops up all over – at conferences, conducting interviews, taking part in (or organizing) confabs – and still must carve out hours each week to report and write. He’s done that nonstop for 38 years. We’ve been blessed recently with a blossoming of interest in cities, but for most of the past 38 years Neal was among a lonely few national writers to focus on cities and local governments. I’m grateful for his work for almost 40 years, and I look forward to seeing more of it, as he launches his new venture.